Thoughts on the rich young ruler.

I had always wondered why Jesus gave the law to the rich young ruler. Today it suddenly dawn upon me that he was a Jew. He was rich, young and a ruler. It is the very hall mark of a person who kept the Law. According to Judaism, if you keep the Law you will be materially blessed and that you will be the head and not the toe. Plus he was young.

I sincerely believe when he asked Jesus “what else is there?” He expected Jesus to say “Nothing else”. You see, he asked Jesus “How do I “inherit” eternal life?” Not earned it or strife for it. He totally expected Jesus to say “You’ve got it!” Notice he said “All these I have done.” It sometimes makes me wonder how true this is for all of us. We bask ourselves with the false impression that God would give us the kingdom base on how religious we are. The way we wear our clothes, the way we guard our speech, the way we serve.

Jesus said to the young man “One thing you lack. Sell all that you have to the poor. Follow me!” I have always thought that it was his possessions that held him. As I ponder today and wonder I am caught with this thought. It wasn’t his possessions that held him. It was his confidence in what made him rich, powerful and having done that at the young age. What? Sell all that I have? To be poor?

“How would my fellow Jews perceive me? As a person who is cursed? As a disobedient man?” Sure my friends would echo the very questions that Job’s friends asked. “Have I sin against God?” It was the confidence in his religion. He did not realize the one thing he lacked was this. Jesus. It was Jesus. He will give you eternal life. Jesus. He is all we need. Be Blessed.


  1. first off.. i love the picture of a man with that sports car.. 🙂

    Jesus taught the Law, and he was an expert in putting the Law to its pristine

    The law can never save us.

    In my opinion, Jesus thoughts was like when the pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery

    Jesus wrote at the stony ground in the temple courts.

    Jesus was like saying,
    “You telling me about the Law? I was the one who wrote it”

    in the rich man, Jesus thoughts were probably
    “I didn’t design Law to save you, rather to show were you lack. here is where you lack”

    good post and nice pic, 🙂
    grace and peace

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