Cancer disappeared even before it happened!

A couple of months my good friend’s father in law was admitted to the hospital for severe stomach pains. Vincent and I had laid hands on him and rebuke the sickness that was on his body. He was diagnosed with the possibility of having cancer. Discourage, I told him that Jesus had already died and took his disease away. Strangely 2 months later the cancer disappear. ALL PRAISE TO JESUS. Included in this testimony is a clip of how my church does communion. We really believe Jesus is in our midst healing and encouraging people. Do drop by to the New Covenant Church. Worship starts at 10.15 every Sunday. Here is his testimony:

By His Stripes By Mr. Lai Sun Wah

“Two months ago, I was admitted to HUKM with high fever, stomach pain, jaundice, suspected gall bladder stone and liver blockage. I was put on drips, antibiotics, medication and even had a urinary catheter inserted. The pain was so terrible. The catheter was irritating, inconvenient and made it difficult to urinate — I complained to a senior doctor who removed it three days later.

For more than a week, my fever still remained high, with temperatures above 38-39 degrees. I had no appetite to eat. Every night I could not sleep. My stomach was not feeling well, my legs were swollen, my body was itchy, probably due to the medication.

I underwent so many medical tests — blood test, chest x-ray, scope, biopsy, urology ultrasound, CT scan etc. I was told my CT scan was not very clear, with the presence of enlarged lymph nodes, which could be cancerous. I was sad and disheartened.

Everyday, I had small groups of visitors, friends and relatives, brothers and sisters, pastors and deaconess from various churches (All Saints Church, Glad Tidings and tNCC) come to visit and to pray for my health and recovery. I would like to thank Pastor Peter Sze and family, my son-in-law Vincent, and members of tNCC, especially Simon Yap, who dropped by for two consecutive evenings to pray for my speedy recovery and showered me with words of encouragement.

With one more week to go for our annual Family Camp, I prayed to the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ not to leave me behind because I wanted to join my wife, my daughter, my son-in-law and my two beautiful grandchildren to Kampar. My prayer was answered by our loving and compassionate God. The next day, I was told by my senior doctor that I would be discharged in a day or two after completing my medication. After my discharge, I was told to come back one month later for my Hepaton and urology test reports.

At the Family Camp, I was physically exhausted. While others were worshipping or playing games, I sat down and rested. I had lost almost 8 kg during my hospital stay. I looked so thin and pale. All my trousers were not fitting, and I suffered from shortness of breath.

Last week, I went back to HUKM for my test reports. Both doctors declared everything was normal. I repeated another ultrasound this week. It showed better results and was much clearer than the previous one. No more gall bladder stone, no liver and kidney problems, no more enlargement of lymph nodes, except some minor prostate, which is common to most men my age.

Thank you Lord! Today I can talk so loud. I can eat so much. I can walk so fast. For it is written, by His stripes, I am healed! And the church says, Amen!”

Here is a clip of how we do communion in tNCC


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