Healing of heart disorder!

A New Heart

By Lion Lamb
I used to feel easily tired, and if I didn’t have enough sleep, I would feel faint. Whenever I felt faint, I would have to rest by lying down a lot during the day. My hands and my head would grow cold, my vision would be blurred and I would have mini blackouts. I didn’t understand why I was like that, so I attributed it to “maybe I need more rest than normal people”, and I didn’t dare exert myself.

In 2001, I did an executive health screening, and an ECG was done on my heart. The doctor then diagnosed me with “sinus bradycardia”. This meant that my heart beats very, very slowly, and if it beats any slower, I would faint and may even drop dead. In fact, my heart beats so slowly that when I exercise, it does not catch up fast enough and I will be out of breath very fast.
So the doctor advised me to never exert myself, to be real slow in getting out of bed and never have a sudden active movement. He told me that there was nothing that could help me medically; I could only pray that it does not get any worse.

So I took care of myself and rested more than normal people would. I could not even travel too long, else I would feel faint and nauseated. I was surrendered to that fate, hence, I never went for missions or travelled anywhere. At the same time, I also went through a phase where I was emotionally hurt and deeply wounded as well.

In Nov 2009, I came across the teaching of Holy Communion, of how it’s a reminder of what Christ has done on the cross for me — His body broken for my wholeness and healing. I began to partake of the Holy Communion twice a day for about two weeks. I would cry real deep whenever I took the Holy Communion and began to experience healing in my emotions. After a while, I didn’t cry as much anymore and felt liberated in my emotions.

Sometime last year, I also felt pain and numbness on the left side of my body and a slow throbbing pain on my chest. I did not do any check-up but just went for prayer. However, one day about 4 months ago, I felt faint and ill, so Sis Shiu Feng advised me to go for a check up at IJN. So I went and an ECG was done on me. I feared the worst, but to my surprise, the ECG showed my heart to be normal with “normal sinus rhythm”! The doctor even commented, “This is the best ECG I have seen so far”. My heart is healed!.

However, the numbness on my left side of the body was still there. In fact, it grew worse. I had to self massage my arm each time, and I could not sleep on the left side of my body. I asked Bro Simon to pray for me one Sunday. He prayed for me and anointed me with oil. The numbness felt less but still persisted. So the next week, I asked Bro Simon to pray for me again, but he told me that there was no need for him to pray over me over and over again as Jesus had already purchased my healing on the cross. That same Jesus is in me, he said. Hence, I could declare healing on myself. He then handed the bottle of anointing oil to me. I anointed myself and prayed in faith, believing that I am healed.

From then on, I experienced gradual healing. Today, I am totally healed. I do not have numbness on my left side anymore, and my heart has no more throbbing pain. The Name of Jesus be glorified!.

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