What Jesus did for me.

By Shaun Ho

One night while I was going to sleep, I felt a pain in my stomach. I went to tell my mum and my dad.

My father though that I might be having kidney stones. I thought it was absurd because how could I have kidney stones at such a young age? My father wanted to send me to hospital. My mother prayed for healing, while I confessed that by God’s grace I was healed. Anyway, when the pain got worse, they sent me to the emergency ward of Pantai Hospital.

When we arrived, God saved the closest seat to the door for me while I was waiting for my turn. Later a nurse let me into a room while a doctor measured my height and weight. Then they brought me inside the emergency ward to wait for the doctor to come and examine me.

While waiting for the doctor, my mother asked me to pray together with her. I was very much in pain until I couldn’t even put my leg down. However, I believed that God had healed me, so I tried to lower my leg while claiming the promise of God. I kept on claiming “I am healed because of what Jesus has done for me.” As I prayed, I began to feel better.

When the doctor came and examined me, I was already much better. The doctor said that I was having wind colic. Since that day, I’ve not had any more colic pain. Hallelujah!

Inside me, I believed it was God who healed me, and I think God is so good.

Shaun shared this at our Midweek Service on June 1, 2011.

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