Healing by using Anointing Oil by Yum Kin Choong.

Just received a testimony from a brother I have dinner with every weekend. Thought I share it with you the glory of Jesus. Le Him be praised. Let everyone know that Jesus is most willing to heal!

“Last week, while i tried to pick up my Laptop charger, twisting & bending down, suddenly i heard “crak”

ta da – not knowing what it is …..sat and struggle to get my crowning done in my dentist, drove another 2 hours to meet client & by the time I have done, rush down to see my orthopaedic (Dr Jason Chin Pantai hospital)

I was diagnosed of a slipped disc, the most painful thing i ever gone thru in my life, since then I had lots of why ?????

just a couple of months ago, I fell & torn my elbow ligament. we usually fellow ship with Simon & Amy, he offer to pray for me (i was like suffering for 4 months – on a sling) with the anointing oil & prayer of faith, Simon laid his hand and claiming the the healing touch of our Lord Jesus, I remove the sling (ta da) I claimed & witness my healing….

On sunday (4th day) we visited Simon and amy, he offer to pray for me. I claim once again the healing. the very next day, I went back to see my orthopaedics, he says hmmm…you got pretty fast healed…..for such a short time…

Jehovah Jireh my Provider – His grace is sufficient for me for me for me

For he who believe all things will be possible”

slipped disc at Lower back L4 – miraculously healed by a simple prayer of faith
I hope you are encouraged. Keep on believing!

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