Of “the faith of the Son of God” not “faith in the Son God.”

The Wink of Faith..Excerpt from Bill Volkman’s book…..

Galatians 2:20 is familiar to most Christians, as it is probably one of the ten most quoted and memorized verses in the Bible. Through the years no verse has presented more of a challenge to ” deeper life”seekers. Countless pamphlets and pages of books have been written about and around this verse. The key to a liberated and fulfilling, productive life is recognition — recognition of who we are.

For forty-one years I was unable to answer the question, ” Who am I?” I glibly talked about being ” a new creature in Christ, but those were only words. No wonder my apparently ” successful” life had been marked by periods of questioning, unrest, spiritual drought and what I considered to be ” hidden sins. No wonder I had such a poor self-image. I had answered the question ” you born again?” , but I had never answered the more fundamental question: Do you know who you are?”

I had not yet adequately nor correctly seen who I really was. The ” real I was more than the Bill Volkman I thought I saw when I looked in the mirror. The big breakthrough in my understanding came when I suddenly saw that the King James Version of the Bible reads, “I live by the faith of the Son of God, rather than,”I live by my faith in the Son of God,” as I had memorized it from the New American Standard Version. All along I had the impression that my spiritual success was related to my faith in Christ (which always seemed to be faltering!).

Now I could relax. In my union with Christ I would live by His faith — His perfect faith was expressing itself through me! Do you see the difference? As long as your perception of spiritual success is contingent on your personal performance as an independent self, sooner or later you will fall short of your personal goals and expectations. Once you see that Christ in you is more than a “positional” truth -that He, as a living Person, with the attributes of faith, hope and love, actually lives His life through you, as you — then rest and creative freedom is attainable.

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Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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