Medical Facts about Speaking in Tongues – Carl R. Peterson, M.D.

Dear Friends,

First a caveat, I am not a Charismatic but I am fortunate to recieve the gift of tongues even without anyone laying his or her hands on me.

Secondly, this note is not only for people who do not believe in the gift of tongues but those who don’t understand why God would give such a gift as his first gift to the church and whether is it relevant today.

I ask that you read it with an open mind. My intention is to bring praise to God for such a gift and pray that those of you who have recieve such a gift use it for His glory. To those who do not think it is relevant- think again. To those who has it but do not use it – Use it. To those who abuse it – Speak with understanding. Grace and peace to you.

“The Physical Benefit of Speaking in Tongues

God has made provision for you and I to be whole, to be well and to have access to His healing process. There is a study that has been done by Dr. Carl Peterson, M.D. (the husband of author and evangelist Vickie Jamison Peterson). This Study revealed that there is an available healing power that can be released from our own bodies for our own benefit. Dr. Carl Peterson, M.D. worked on this study at ORU in Tulsa, Oklahoma a few years ago. Being a brain specialist he was doing research on what the relationship was between the brain and praying or speaking in tongues. Some amazing things were discovered.

Through research and testing he found out that as we pray in the Spirit, or worship in the Spirit, (our heavenly language) there is activity that begins to take place in our brain. As we engage in our heavenly language the brain releases 2 chemical secretions that are directed into our immune systems giving a 35 to 40 percent boost to the immune system. This promotes healing within our bodies. Amazingly this secretion is triggered from a part of the brain that has no other apparent activity in humans and is only activated by our Spirit led prayer and worship.

Before the fall of man did God in His perfect creation provide for the total healing of mankind in this manner? As Adam walked and communicated with the Father in the Garden was this close and intimate fellowship and communication causing divine health to flow in his body? Just something for us to think about. God is the restorer of all things. As we exercise our life in the “Spirit” by speaking in our heavenly language that He has put within us, we are touching the supernatural power of God and we are letting Him restore part of what was lost.

Now science has proved the process and you and I can turn this healing process on by our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Just one more great reason to be filled with the Holy Spirit and commune with the Father in your “Heavenly Language.” According to the Holy Spirit, speaking through the apostle Paul: “He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself” (1 Corinthians 14:4). We always thought of the edification as only spiritual edification, which is great and always needed, but Christian psychiatrist Carl R. Peterson, M.D. describes physical edification also! Isn’t God amazing?

We have found on the Internet documentation from Dr. Peterson’s office, which is below. As a matter of reference, Dr. Peterson is highly respected, as a psychiatrist and as a Christian.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Peterson begins his attachment by specifically referring to praying in the spirit (speaking in tongues), then begins to just use the words prayer or praying. Throughout his paper he is referring to speaking in tongues, as that is the context of the whole paper, and is as introduced by his letter.


Dear friend,
Thank you for your inquiry regarding the relationship of extended periods of praying in tongues and joyful laughter to brain activity. As you will read in the enclosed explanation, I shared some information concerning this with several ministers at a gathering some time ago. I pray this information will be helpful to you.

Carl R. Peterson, M.D.”

This excerpt is extracted in verbatim.


I have had a number of inquiries concerning the efficacy of praying in the spirit (speaking in tongues) and its benefit to the human immune system, i.e., immunity enhanced by chemicals released from a part of the brain. I am attempting to clarify some information I have shared with a number of ministers. This is information that may be deduced from what we know about the way the brain functions. We do know the part of the brain affected most noticeably by extended prayer represents a significant portion of the brain and its metabolic activity. Therefore, voluntary speech during extended vocal prayer causes a major stimulation in these parts of the brain (mainly the hypothalamus).

The hypothalamus has direct regulation of four major systems of the body, mainly: a) the pituitary gland and all target endocrine glands;
b) the total immune system;
c) the entire autonomic system; and
d) the production of brain hormones called endorphins and enkephalons, which are chemicals the body produces and are 100-200 times more powerful than morphine.

In summary, a very significant percentage of the central nervous system is directly and indirectly activated in the process of extended verbal and musical prayer over a period of time. This results in a significant release of brain hormones which, in turn, increases the body’s general immunity. It is further enhanced through joyful laughter with increased respirations and oxygen intake to the brain, diaphragm and other muscles. This same phenomenon is seen in physical activity in general, i.e., running, etc.

We know from the Word of God that there is a true joy that builds and sustains. Nehemiah tells us the joy of the Lord is our strength. There is joy in the presence of Jehovah. We, as believers having entered into that wonderful presence of our Lord, know this to be true. What we must continue to remember is that the joy of the Lord spoken of in the Word is so much more than any manifestation. We can truly have that unspeakable joy in the face of any trials we may encounter, if our joy is grounded in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope the above information helps to clarify the report you received regarding my statement in the area of the physical effects of speaking in tongues and joyful laughter for extended periods of time. Truly, we all benefit — body, soul, and spirit — from obedience and yielding to the Spirit of God in every area of our lives.

Carl R. Peterson, M.D.”

This excerpt is extracted in verbatim.


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  1. Peggy says:

    Hi, I have heard of this story from Ps Prince’s sermon.
    However, I wonder why there are no other research studies that substantiate the claim by Dr Carl.

    Just to mention, Dr Carl was found to have tried to drug his ex-wife in a likely attempt to lay hold of a trust fund. Read more at

    It does throw doubts on the credibility of this psychiatrist.


    1. Paul-ine Theologian says:

      Hi Peggy,

      Thanks for the clarification. We are concern about the medical evidence. The allegations that he drugged his wife discredits his character not the medical report.


    2. Daniel says:

      I think what Dr. Carl did or did not do to his wife is not our concern, his professional skill is. Base on his MD lic, we know he has base knowledge of our body. His specialty in human brain and he did a study. Remember we care more what God want to give us.

      1. John R Moe says:

        God gave us His Spirit to make the presence of Jesus world-wide, and Jesus said, “the Holy Spirit, whome the Father will send in my name, He will teach you ALL things and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said to you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you, not as the world gives….” And Jude, who was among the early disciples, encourages even the present Church to “build yourself up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, [and] keep yourself in the love of God….” ALL good and nothing bad but rather helps a person to release the love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, meekness [not weakness, but “let the weak say, ‘I am strong’ and the poor say ‘I am rich'”], temperance or self-control, and above all, take faith with which you WILL BE ABLE to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked…..ALL good things, the fruit of the Spirit in every born-again believer in Jesus Christ….John 14-17, Ephesians 6 and Jude 20. The “communication of your faith becomes effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing that is IN you in Christ Jesus” [philemon 6], who sent the Holy Spirit of Acts 2, 10 and 19. Much more is said by Isaiah in prediction of the Spirit and Paul about the benefit and proper use both in your personal life and the gathering of the Church when interpretation and prophecy are important to the edification, exhortation, and comfort of the body of Christ, all Christians. “If you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, and confess with your mouth that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” It’s all good: say, “Lord Jesus, come into my heart,” and you will be saved. BLESS YOU!!!

    3. Linda says:

      check out this Dr. and his views on the brain. Another piece of the puzzle.

  2. david says:

    furthermore, i will post links about other research i came across on tongues!

    1. Yes I would love to hear more medical facts to this account. I heard of these facts from watching Sid Roth’s show and went to the wife’s site and I must say it did sway my thought of credibility just a bit. But we all know there is 3 sides to a story. But I would love it if you have additional information to pass on.


    2. Check out the other medical study on speaking in tongues:

      It is an ABC nightline report examining a medical study done on those who speak in tongues. It shows that the frontal lobes of their brain are not active like they are when we speak in our native language, which seems to back up the truth that when we pray, “our spirit prays, but our understanding is unfruitful”. The study was done by Dr. Andrew Newberg.

  3. Brenda Holtz says:

    when you have experiential knowledge no one can tell you it’s not true- & Truth has a name JESUS CHRIST 🙂

  4. Cynthia C. says:

    Dr. Carl was my Dr. a few years ago(97) due to having partial seizures……and I happened to worked at ORU at the time.

    He was a Godly man and stood up for me once with some paperwork as I was about to loose my insurance.

    As I was praying in the prayer tower…I began to have a seizure…the ambulance came, .
    However, there was a lady there in her late 70s who worked at the prayer tower too…she came over to me and began to pray in tongues just before they wheeled me away.

    I’ve never forget how the Lord used her as they wheeled me away.

    I was released later on from the hospital…when I came into work the next day she came up to me and said, “The Lord spoke to me when I was praying for you– And He said you will never have another seizure again”..
    And I never did! This is documented.
    I was able to completely go off the depakote for the seizures.

    Dr. Carl prayed for me many times when I came to see him in his office during that time. He was a dear Godly man and I will never forget how God used him with medicine, prayer and sticking up for me with my insurance so I would not loose my drivers license.

  5. Ronald says:

    Its true that there is power released when speaking in tounges,l experienced it and it worked for me.

  6. I know of a grandmother in one of our churches in Arizona whose grandchild drowned in her swimming pool. She found the baby laying face-down in the pool and couldn’t swim so someone else had to get the body out. The paramedics came and couldn’t revive the baby so they med-evac the baby out. The grandmother was praying in tongues in the house and the police wanted her pastor to go in and help her because I think they thought she was losing it, but she told her pastor that she was just praying. Later they received a phone call saying that the baby revived! I know both the Pastor and the grandmother and have no reason to doubt this account.

  7. nigel zulu says:

    wow! Wow!.. I could speak in tounges since i was 9 years old now i am 19 but i did’n know this fact.. Now i know the mystries behind speakin in tounges. If i pray in tounges my body reacts like that wow!! What more my spirit. This is good news. Thank you for sharing this with us. My life will nver be the same again..thank you holy spirit for this wonderful gift

  8. Theresa Ricklefs says:

    Yes, praying in tongues has helped me a LOT. I have had the gift since I was sixteen and now I am 52. Now it has even helped me to sleep at night.
    I want to give all of you an access code to a Jordan Rubin Live conference call tonight (today is Wednesday the 6th)it is 8053991200 and the access code is 676296#. My phone number is 607-272-5318.

  9. Isaiah says:

    The NY Times supports speaking in tongues and its claims

    and far as this find “The words I speak unto >you< are LIFE" -JESUS

    “The amazing thing was how the images supported people’s interpretation of what was happening,” said Dr. Andrew B. Newberg, leader of the study team, which included Donna Morgan, Nancy Wintering and Mark Waldman. “The way they describe it, and what they believe, is that God is talking through them,” he said.

    "The new findings contrasted sharply with images taken of other spiritually inspired mental states like meditation, which is often a highly focused mental exercise, activating the frontal lobes."

    "Contrary to what may be a common perception, studies suggest that people who speak in tongues rarely suffer from mental problems. A recent study of nearly 1,000 evangelical Christians in England found that those who engaged in the practice were more emotionally stable than those who did not."

  10. I found an article on-line quoted from a book that I thought was awesome:

    “Tom Woodward was a Christian businessman and a member of an Assembly of God church in Pasadena.  He shared with us how he had come to know the reality and power of the Holy Spirit.

     Not long before, he was showing a Jewish rabbi through his home church one morning.  The rabbi had been baptized in the Holy Spirit and was to share his testimony with a local FGBMFI chapter that evening.
    As they toured Tom’s church in Pasadena, it was the time of the men’s morning prayer meeting.  When they came to the prayer room, they passed quickly so as not to disturb the men who were praying.  As they approached the door to leave the room, one of the men began praying very loudly in his heavenly language.  Tom moved on as he was accustomed to this type of prayer.  However, the rabbi lingered at the door.
    After a few moments, Tom approached the rabbi to remind him that it was time to continue as they were to speak before a ladies’ luncheon and must first return to the motel to dress.  But the rabbi placed his finger across his lips for silence.  For some then to fifteen minutes Tom waited.  Surely the rabbi had experienced such a thing before.  Tom was growing impatient.
    But then as he approached the rabbi again, he noticed that the rabbi’s countenance had changed.  He looked like someone who had seen a ghost.  His complexion was white and he had a look of bewilderment.  “What’s wrong?”  Tom asked.  “Shhhh! Silence!” the rabbi commanded. 
    For a full thirty minutes the rabbi stood in the doorway listening intently to the prayer of the man in the prayer room.  After a while there was silence.
    “Who was that man praying?  What languages does he know?”  The rabbi queried with demand.
    “Why,” Tom said, “he is an uneducated man here in the church.  He knows no languages other than English.  I know him well.  I will introduce you so that you may see for yourself.”
    The rabbi then explained that he had just listened to the most beautiful and perfect Hebrew that he had ever heard spoken.  And the rabbi was an astute student of Hebrew.  He said for some fifteen or twenty minutes the man spoke praises to God in the most beautiful psalms in blank verse.
    “But the most amazing thing then happened,” the rabbi continued.  “Still speaking in perfect Hebrew, the man switched from the psalms and began calling angels by name and sending them on missions.  Angels were called by their Hebrew name and were sent on specific missions to aid those who needed help.  Some were sent to aid missionaries in trouble, the name and location of the missionary being also mentioned in the Hebrew language.”
    The rabbi was visibly shaken.  Never had he even remotely dreamed that such a thing could be possible.  And, of course, Tom Woodward required some time to regain his composure.
    After our speaker had finished his amazing testimony, I rushed to him, along with all the other some 150 people, for further information.  I did manage to talk with him at length later that night.  Yes, he was quite positive that the information was accurate just as he had related it.  And, yes, if I so desired it would be possible for me to talk with the rabbi.
    Thus, I began my long research and intensive investigation into the ministry of God’s angels.  So intrigued was I that I can remember that Saturday twelve years ago as clearly as if it had been only a few days.  It seems the Holy Spirit so entrenched the message in my spirit that I can remember every word that was spoken…

    1. Theresa says:

      Wow…..that is one amazing story about the rabbi….God will take the foolish things of this world…such as this uneducated man…to speak to this rabbi…WOW

    2. mdg says:

      What is the name of the book? I’d like to read it.

  11. Deacon Mildred Hankerson Lewis says:

    Thanks to all of you that replied to Dr. Peterson’s documented information on the benefits of speaking in tongues. I teach a healing class at our church and this article really blessed and enlighten all of us greatly…One woman received the gift right there in our class and another sister went home and told her husband how anointed the class was and shared the information that was read from Dr. Peterson and he stated that he know this to be true because on his way home that evening, he was have a lot of pain in his arms & shoulders. He started speaking in his heavenly and the pain subsided within a half hour…In reference to the negative comment about Dr. Peterson…we all need to receive the scripture in 1st Corinthians 13 that says: We should choose to think the best of every person..and pray for one another as stated in Galatians 6..Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault , you which are spiritual restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted…Read the whole chapter you will be blessed…Deacon Mildred Hankerson Lewis ;Revealing Truth Ministries; Tampa, FL.

    1. Desiree A. Jackson says:

      God bless and keep YOU, Deacon Mildred. Through your faith, through your fervent study, and through your obedience to God’s call and to Pastors Greg & Deborah Powe, my life is being transformed like never before. YOU are a vessel for healing, opening my mind, my heart, and my spirit to levels of learning and a myriad of tools for application to restore my body, and to share the AWESOME news of healing to others, in Jesus’ name.
      Here’s to God’s Grace, & His UNPRECEDENTED FAVOR in our lives!!!
      Your Revealing Truth Ministries Healing School Student, Desiree’ A. Jackson

  12. Ruth Irwin says:

    This research done by Dr Peterson, accurately lines up with the word of God , and is absolutely powerful information for humanity to use at all times and especially in times of sickness. Speaking in tongues is a vital link with our Creator God, and gives the Holy spirit of God a freedom to word in our lives for our benefit.

  13. Patricia says:

    I thank God for this site and all the comments. During my praise and worship time this morning the Holy Spirit began to pray and my heart rate increased and I had the thought,”is there a connection between speking in tongues and our health”. I certainly had no doubt in asking the question so thank you for confirmation.

  14. adeleyr j says:


  15. E.A. ONIMISI says:

    Highly informing and positive. Thanks…. KC2J

  16. Paul says it is a “gift”, and this is for the relief of those who are suffering. You will not understand the need for healing until you are incapacitated and in need healing. This is why God put it in the Church, take it up with Him if you have a problem with it. “To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the GIFTS OF HEALING by the same Spirit;” 1 COR. 12:9

    1. Ruth Dailey says:

      As Joseph Prince brings out in his book, “Spiritual Warfare”, praying in the Spirit is part of the armor of God. The Apostle Paul taught us to put on the whole armor, not just this or that part of it. Praying always in the Spirit is vital and without it we are only partially dressed for battle. I always liked what Kenneth Copeland said about wearing God’s armor. He said that when we put the face mask of the helmet down to cover our face, the enemy can’t see you and he thinks it is Jesus in there. After all, it IS God’s armor and The battle IS the Lord’s, so when we open our mouth and speak in our heavenly language, The Lord goes to battle, and the enemy hears the voice and reacts accordingly…he high tails it out of there! We submit to God and resist the devil by speaking out in tongues, and he has to flee. He wants to keep our mouths shut, so we resist him when we speak out in tongues! Hallelujah!

  17. It is amazing to me that so many people attack God’s miracles today and yet claim to be Christians. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are plainly laid out in scripture, yet those who have been brainwashed against the miraculous today still attack Christ’s miracles, even as the Pahrisees and Sadducees of old. They want to relegate miracles to a thing of the past. People however, are still suffering and in need of God’s miraculous help. The only way to truly deny miracles today is by denying the plain scriptures: “Verily, verily I san unto you, he that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do…”

    1. Ted says:

      Does anyone know from which book the account of the Rabbi’s experience came? I sure would like to know. Thanks. Ted

      1. James says:

        Yes, I have it and it is called, “WAR BEYOND THE STARS” Angelic Encounters, by Joel and Jane French.

    2. mdg says:

      I am a believer. I have been healed and have had miracles taken place in my life a few times. Several other people I know have too. Some, doctors could not help me get rid of and God, through prayer and laying on of hands, healed me some instantly and some over a short period of time.

  18. Shaheed Ali says:

    My question to all this is..How about all the rest of us born again Christians who do not have the gift of speaking in tongues? What I gather from the preacher of word of faith joseph prince is this one has to speak in tongues to be healed and to have a blessed life. What about the interpretation of the tongue as the bible describes. Some of you are making a mockery of the gift of God, speaking in tongues. I have been praying for the longest to receive this gift but has not happened, so what now? And I am a committed born again Christian.

    1. Simon Yap says:

      Hi Shaheed, if you are really want to receive the gift, I can pray for you. Just tell me the time you are ready and I will pray for you at that time for you to receive the gift. Peace.

    2. Ted says:

      Shaheed: I am glad to hear that you are a Born Again Christian. That is really the only Christian that there is. Many people call themselves Christians but God only recognizes those who are born again. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a separate experience that you can ask for and receive and when you do, speaking in tongues automatically comes with it. So you need to ask the Lord to baptize you in the Holy Spirit, not to ask him to give you the gift of speaking in tongues. I am not a man follower, but I do know that a guy by the name of Andrew Wommack has a great little book that does a pretty good job of explaining the whole thing to you. You can even call his ministry and they will explain it to you and pray with you on the phone to receive it. It is not a hard thing to do, if it was, we would all get it wrong and nobody would do it. The book is called “The New You and The Holy Spirit” I have an extra copy that I could send you if you like. Just let me know.

  19. Shaheed Ali says:

    Some of you are becoming so gung ho about speaking in tongues for healing that you are forgetting the true healer…Jesus Christ…’he took up our infirmities and carried our diseases’…Isa 53:4…. ‘…and by his wounds we are healed…’Isa 53:5b. But the work of the Holy Spirit is quite clearly specified in John 14:26. There is no where in the bible is it stated that the Holy Spirit in any form heals or raises ones immune system to combat diseases. Jesus Christ is the only healer!!!

    1. Simon Yap says:

      Shaheed, the article is just about what was discovered in a medical experiment, that’s all. Hebrews 2 does that us that the Spirit of God does testify to signs and wonders when we correctly affirm the word and the Lord Jesus did say he did all his healings by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am not disputing what you say but I believe the key thing is about just broadening your horizons bro. I do pray your receive the gift as the Spirit enables you to do so.

    2. Lorrie says:

      I would also like to comment here please… I have witnessed this gift my whole life. Ive wondered how it works and have asked The Lord to bless me with the gift, but here at 32 years old I am not blessed in this area. And that is ok. Just because I dont understand this gift by experience does not give me any audacity to criticize others. That is pharisaic (liken to pharisees) Dont get me wrong, there will always be individuals or even groups that will abuse any gift and that raises others suspicians. We must be discerning to all preaching so we do not succomb to false teaching.

      On another note…I think it so awesome when science supports God. Because science is of God, but most want to separate the two. God does give us the ability to prove things in a scientific way; for example, how we conceive children. There is a complete scientific breakdown of how the man’s seed implants into the woman’s egg and therefore life begins. But we all know that God is the creator of life not science. Aethist scientists try to use science to prove there is no God at work here in this universe, so when science actually can prove God’s supernatural power I get really pumped. Thats what this article is all about. A medical doctor did a study and proved that God and science are working together. Thank you Lord for your confirmation!!! so take that, you aethiests 🙂

    3. James says:

      It is true that Jesus is the Healer, but does that mean He cannot heal our immune system??? Some people have an auto-immune disorder and need healing because their immune system attacks their own bodies. God created our immune systems and He can heal them.

  20. James says:

    I am a pastor and will try to relate this account as accurately as I can. One lady in our church recently became pregnant and was later admitted into the hospital and told that the baby probably wouldn’t make it and that their was insufficient amniotic fluid for it to develop properly. They were told they could terminate the pregnancy if they wanted and that they would not ever take the baby home. The husband called me and my wife and I went to the hospital to pray for her. The husband had tears in his eyes and I told them NOT to believe what the doctors were telling them. I laid hands on her and prayed in tongues, so the Spirit would move in her and that was weeks ago. They did NOT terminate the pregnancy and every so often they were told one bad report after the other. The mother did not believe these reports as she had already had a dream about the baby coming up to her and telling her she was healed and the father also dreamed the baby had been born and he was holding her – a chubby girl, and so the mother kept telling the doctor everything would be okay! Ultimately, the doctor had to admit he was wrong and was surprised that the baby was going to be okay. The baby is referred to by those who know the case as a “miracle baby” and yes, she IS a girl and her name is Isabella. Although she was born prematurely, via C-section, she is out of her incubator and now in her own crib and doing great! Thank God for His miraculous intervention! Thank God for His gift of praying in tongues, and for all His amazing miracles!!!

  21. yakubu inuwa says:

    im well pleased and overwhelmed about this spiritual upliftment and advantage to our health as human. Thank you Holy Spirit. im happy to know this, because i do speaks in tongue since i receive Christ into my life by the year 2003. Since then, i ve been wanting to know more about speaking in new tongues, but until now. Thank you Jesus!

  22. Martyn says:

    I am all for what God want us to have including the gift of speaking in another language.

    What I don,t understand is when I have head people speak in another language (tongue) it never sounds like a language. The words are made up of english sounding words jumbled together and they only speak a few words and they keep saying them over and over again week after week year after year. It never sound fluent. Now according to Acts 2 the crowd heard them speaking in their own language. They were languages known to the crowd.

    But in our churches to day we hear this odd sounding language made up from words we speak and its said this is “tongues”

    I know of a friend who was a Pastor who all he said was “Key aliba skin de aliba yandi” for years. Thats all he ever said. He would say “Lets all speak out in tongues” and thats all he ever said even if he was praying over someone or leading pray.

    I began to wonder if the words he said really were given by the Holy Spirit as He enables us as in Acts 2 “they began to speak as the Holy Spirit gave the utterance.

    In the same church the pastors wife said ” Hary can dara” over and over again and thats all I have ever head her say. He husband says ” Qu ya a tunda Qu ya a sunda Oh shall a sunda cusa cusa” and thats all I have ever herard him say in the 20 years I have known him. These are godley people but I just do not understand why we never hear anyone speaking French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish. Polish, Russian, etc. Its always words that could be easily made up.

    If they spoke languages that were understood in Acts 2 then why not today in our multicultural society. But we never hear it. Why. Its always. “Shakera shandi sheka rallamanda wholara” Yes I just made that up but it does sound like the tongues we hear in church.

    I have tried it myself and someone said I was speaking in tongues but when I listened to the words I was saying they were all made up from english words but just re arrranged. Like “Shall a manna hand a” Sounds like tongues but its made up of shall, a, manna and hand. All english words but sounds like tongues when you rearrange them.

    My friend who I quoted above is made up of Key, Aliba, (Aliba and the 40 thieves story) skin, d, yandi. Well what does that mean? Try putting it into Google translate and your get nothing.

    Surly its a gift of languages not made up english words. Lets be real and honest.

    If you say “She came on a honda” with an accent it sounds quite convincing as tongues.

    I am not trying to be critical I am just trying to be very real and understand what is going on

    People say “Oh its a heavenly language” What made up from english words? There is nothing in the Bible to suggest a heavenly language. Paul says in 1 Corithians “If I speak in tongues of men or angels” Its a question about love being more important not Paul saying he spoke in the language of angles

    Please can anyone help me. If you speak in another language what is the language and listen to what you are saying. If you say you have what they had is Acts 2 then you have a known language not some made up english sound words.

    If my friends are right I am happy but I need to know. They say is “tongues” but…….what if they have just made it up or copied someone else.


    1. Here is someone who does speak in tongues, does sing in tongues, gives interpretation: “What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.” 1Cor 14:15

      Scripture tells us the proper way to get the baptism of the Holy Spirit
      ” And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

      10 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

      11 If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

      12 Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?

      13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? Luke 11: 10-13

      Scripture anticipates those that would think this was not of the Spirit by saying that if you ask for a fish you won’t be given a “serpent” or egg you won’t get a “scorpion” …On the subject of tongues not being what you think they should be. I early in my walk was kind of mocking a man who when he spoke his “heavenly language” it would be one word “bop” shortly after that for a season that was the only word I uttered. Holy Spirit humbles the proud! Today that man is in Indonesia and ministers in Viet Nam and Cambodia and has many come to the Lord in his meetings and laying on of hands many are healed and demons cast out! I say all that to say, don’t judge what the Holy Spirit is doing by your natural senses! Scripture tells us the things of the Spirit are foolishness to the natural man. Judge by the fruit, for scripture tells us by their fruit we shall know them. I also know that the longer and more you pray in the spirit your language will change, it is a living language.
      It is a gift for everyone, Just ask your Heavenly Father. He did not spare his Son and scripture says therefore he does not withhold any good gifts and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues is certainly good! We are all filled with the Holy Spirit when born again. BUT the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a separate experience! Has nothing to do with our salvation, but praying in tongues is the gateway gift to the activation of the other gifts of the spirit in a person’s life! Blessings

  23. Monique says:

    Praise God for this gift. I pray we all get a revelation of the importance of the use of this precious gift.

    1. Eroni Ali says:

      So then this nullifies healing in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth…or calling of the elders to pray for healing as ascribed in the book of James. Where in the Bible we are told that speaking in tongues brings about healing.
      What about…”by His stripes you are healed”….”He took up our infirmities and healed our diseases”…”He has healed all our diseases”…He sent His Word and healed us”…
      C’mon man!!!!. Medical findings are nothing before the Word Of God.

  24. The Bible also says that whatever we pray to the Father it is to be “In Jesus’ Name”, so are you trying to imply that praying in tongues will not be answered by the Father because we are not aware if we are using His name or not when we pray in tongues??? You argument is too simplistic. What if there are no elders available in an emergency? What if you need help immediately and there aren’t any other believers around. Come on Eron, Jesus didn’t even always use the same method in healing people. Even Paul had handkerchiefs and aprons taken from his body and when others came into contact with these articles, they were healed and even evil spirits came out, and it doesn’t say anything about Christ’s name even being used. Even Paul told a cripple, “Stand upright on thy feet.” and it didn’t even mention him using Jesus’ name, and the cripple was instantly healed! Be aware Eron, that God isn’t BOUND to any one way of doing things- yet, even when the Name of Jesus isn’t specifically mentioned, God is still doing the miracle “In” His name!

    1. Simon Yap says:

      Last year a lady asked me to pry for her. She could not walk properly because she has nerve damaged in her brain. She could only managed baby steps. Before even I could managed to utter the name of our Lord, she could already walked. There was also a lady who hurt her shoulder. She too asked for prayer. She fainted the minute I touched her. This is even before I could start praying. After 20 mins, she got up and her shoulder was perfect. There was a time, I prayed for a man who was in a coma. I prayed in tongues for 15 mins. The man came out of coma after that. The people who were with me could feel a current going all over the coma patient’s body before he woke up. Things are never black and white as to how the Lord works through us. We must be cautious not to call the grapes sour just because we don’t get to eat it.

  25. Rev. Michael Enu says:

    I am encouraged reading this christian article and inspired to pray the in tongues. Bless You. Amen

  26. frank says:

    the essence of speaking in tongues is for communication and relationship with God but there are uncountable benefits for it and understand from the scriptures that praying in tongue is a necessary and that was paul secret so when we pray in tongues it is a communion with the FATHER through HIS SPIRIT. it shld be d desire of all christians to pray in tongues if you dont want to be struggling with the christian faith.

  27. Reblogged this on Freely Eat and commented:
    Because I love you with God’s boundless love…
    “He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself” (1 Corinthians 14:4)

  28. gina says:

    wow!! i am encouraged by what im reading n has revived me to speak in tongues more. God bless u brethren for sharing.

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