Life in the New Covenant Church

Life in the New Covenant Church
by Jonathan Tam on Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 10:10pm

Indeed time flies. It’s exactly one year since I joined the New Covenant Church! I thank God that it is by His grace, He blessed my family and I with overflowing abundance. Long has my family been seeking a church like this… For more than five years I didn’t attend church because of the way preachers preached on a mixed gospel. And exactly this day last year when my mum asked me to attend tNCC. Usually on other occasions when my mum asked me to go to church, I hesitated to attend and in the end I said No. However, just by hearing the words “New Covenant”, in my heart, God was telling me to go for it! Lo and behold, a grace-preaching church!!

It’s amazing to meeting people who are supportive for each other, people who love and at the same time, having fun talking about Jesus! It’s all about Jesus and His finished work! 😀 Throughout the year, many lives transformed, sicknesses removed, people succeeding in their careers, businesses thriving, meeting new friends and new fellowship, a close-knit community lifting one another when they are down, hearing testimonies after testimonies… Words can’t express how much the Lord truly loves the church! Praise the Lord! Indeed the truth will set you free, but I say, the knowledge of the truth is the one which will set you free! The knowledge of His love for us and His grace, His unmerited favour!! Amen!

Praise the Lord for the teachings of grace in tNCC! Thank you Jesus for a loving Pastor, Peter Sze and his lovely wife Auntie See Fen… Not to mention the entire family of Your people! This is truly grace at work.

One way to describe tNCC is through this lyrics:

It’s all about Jesus
It’s all about the way He changed our lives
It’s all about Jesus
The power of His blood can’t be denied
It’s all about Jesus
It’s all about the covenant He made
It’s all about Jesus
Victorious He rose up from the grave

Forever we are changed! Let the glory of Your Name be the passion of the Church, let the righteousness of God be a holy flame that burns, let the saving love of Christ be the measure of our life! We believe you’re all to us!

Praise God from whom all blessing flows.

Thank you Jesus! Shalom.

Jonathan Tam (Right)