Jesus heals when Communion is taken. Again!

From Andrew Chum,

My mother who is 80+ years old, just got back from the doctors with her medical report. Last year she was diagnosed with a pre cancerous condition in her stomach. There were abnormal cells and the stomach lining was also thinning. The doctor who is a christian said that nothing medically could be done and just asked to have her come in for monitoring.

She has been very worried about this for the whole year but kept her condition to herself.

We decided to pray and have Holy Communion. We believe that health and healing can come through the holy communion. This was done almost 6 months ago.

Today, she came back from the doctors with her latest medical report. Thrilled that the condition that was diagnosed last year has reversed. There are now no more abnormal cells and the stomach lining has thickened! Hallelujah! The pre cancerous condition has gone. What a miracle! First it was my healing for my neck now my mother!

Praise the Lord! We Love you sooooo…..much!