Jesus heals while the Communion is taken.

Praise Report from:
Myra Pellegrin | Louisiana, USA

ICU For A Month, Discharged Within 10 Days After Taking Communion

My sister was rolled over twice by an SUV. She was in critical condition and in the ICU for a month. When she was moved to a regular floor in the hospital, the care was awful. Numerous instances of unsuitable care was the norm, but it culminated with them administering a medication that made her hallucinate and unable to sleep or eat for 10 days.

Last Tuesday, 5 April 2011, my husband and I visited my sister at the hospital. She was in an awful state. My husband and I had Communion for her and prayed for her healing. Praise God, three days later, she was able to speak with me on the phone and today, 14 April 2011, I received a phone call saying that she was being discharged from the hospital!

This is truly a miracle from God! I watch Pastor Prince’s broadcast every day and I am so encouraged by his teachings. I have been saved for 15 years but I finally understand what the good news is. When I read Destined To Reign, I understood what the good news of Jesus is! God is really REAL to me for the first time. My life is changed. I totally trust God for EVERYTHING and He is faithful. I AM SO HAPPY. This is beyond words! Thank you for your ministry and I thank God for your teachings every day.