Letter from Tee Ling: Healed of Back Pain.


Dear Uncle Simon,

I am a school basketball player. Usually, We train basketball everyday… some where in 2010, during a basketball training session, I was playing a basketball training match, I was in a very good condition that day… scored many points.. but just when half time is almost there.. I was dribbling the ball, trying to set a lay-up(one of a few scoring methods) , when I jumped…. I released the ball.. the ball went in the basket , I scored.. but I was unbalance… and in the same time.. there’s moss on the court..

I stepped on it and.. I slipped and fall.. it was a hard hit.. even my teammate across the court could hear the bang.. there was no pain at that moment. the pain came on that night.. when I was sleeping, my leg cramp and wake me up.. just then, I noticed how serious is my back.. I continued the training for a few months cause the competition is near.. the pain was there all along, even after the competition, it’s still there.

I asked the church to pray for me… it healed but after a few days.. it came back..so I decided to keep it between me and myself only.. no sharing..last 2 month, on February, the pain got worse, I went to hospital , took X-rays, took pain killers.. but after the effect of the painkiller ware off, the pain came back, I decided to stop taking the pain killers… then.. (Climax)that day.

Two weeks ago, I went to church late cause one of my friend invited to me to his church, I knew that I am going to be late and I am going to miss the sharing session, I smsed one of my friend in Agc, ask him to ask for a prayer request for me..

I came to church late after attending my friend’s church activities, without knowing whats happening in Agc, Suddenly, Uncle Andrew called my name.. I knew my prayer request were answer.. then I was called out and you all prayed for me..

I feel the warm feeling in my back.. the pain started to fade away.. but it was still there.. but after a good night sleep, the pain is slowly getting less and less.. until yesterday.. there’s no more pain.. I am glad that Jesus healed me.. and until today.. as I was writing this, I still feel the warm feeling in my back…. Uncle.. I was shocked.. I don’t know how I can write that much.. in just 20 min….